What is Vfil.es?
Vfil.es is a free site where you upload a video and share the link via instant messages or email with friends, embed the video in your own blog or site, or download the transcoded flash video. The share link is also in a shortened format so no need to go to bit.ly or other URL shrinking services.
For more information, see the about section.
Is it free?
It is.
So can I tell my friends about it?
Please do. There is no real marketing budget so this is our best bet at getting the word out.
Are the videos anonymous?
What is the maximum video file size?
Currently its 50M however this will be increased in the future.
What file type extenstions can be uploaded?
Pretty much anything in a video format: MPEG/MPG, WMV, MOV, AVI, MP4, DIVX, OGG, 3GP/3GG/3g, FLV, MP1/2, RMVB, RM
How many videos can I upload?
As many as you would like.
How do I delete a video?
Be sure to jot down or copy and paste the delete link that only appears once during the transcoding ( in red at the bottom ). If the page is refreshed the delete link is gone forever. This makes it so that the only deleter is the original uploader.
What if I missed / lost the delete link, but I really need it removed?
Send in a delete request of the video via the ( link to help form ). Be sure to include the URL of the video and a valid reason you want it deleted. The video will be removed within 7 - 10 business days.
How long do the videos stay available?
Currently indefinitely. This is subject to change.
What is the transcoded video format?
Can I convert it to anything else, say, mp4?
Not just yet, but that is in the works
Can i adjust the quality?
Also, not just yet, but also that is in the works